BridgePad - Other Requirements


  1. PC - this may be desktop computer or laptop with 200Mb free space (this allows some buffer for storing data)
  2. Windows XP or higher - the drivers are not suited to earlier operating systems
  3. 1 Free USB port - the base unit plugs in to a USB port on the computer
  4. Scoring Programme - BridgeNZ has administered the development of NZB Scorer to use BridgePads.

Physical Constraints

There are physical limits of distance and interference with BridgePad.
With direct line-of-sight the units almost invariably work up to around 60m (approx 180 ft.)
With a re-enforced concrete wall in between, this is generally reduced to about 25m.
If large metal objects are in the path, this may also reduce signal strength.

There will always be a solution, even if the computer room is a long way from the playing room!

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