BridgePad Parts

What comes with BridgePad

BridgePad Table units BP_pic1.jpg one required per table
BridgePad Base Unit BP_4_base_unit.jpg One required per event.
USB cable BP_5_USB_Cable.jpg For connecting base unit to PC
Carry Case BP_8_Carry_bag.jpg This keeps your BridgePads safe - one per 20 table units (or 18 table units and one base unit)
Software - BridgePad UI This is the BridgePad User Interface software. It controls communication between the bridgepad table units (via the base unit) and the database on the scoring computer that keeps track of the information sent in.
Documentation The documentation includes user instructions on running BridgePads, but will soon be refered to this site for continuous updates and suggestions.
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