Setting Up BridgePad

BridgePad Software Setup (Version 1.256 is now released and current)

This is generally done by BridgeNZ currently, but this page will help those of technical mind to see what is done. If the hardware / software is to be used on another machine, then please follow these instructions to install.

  1. Ensure you have the latest tested version of the BridgePad UI. This will be on your USB Key supplied or sent to you from BridgeNZ

—# If the computer you are installing on has never had the BridgePad UI installed before, then ensure your USB key has the directory "BridgePad_Install" on it.

  1. Run the file "Install ?.??.exe" from the BridgePad_Install directory [currently version 1.256]—
  2. The above steps have been replaced by a single self-extracting file that runs the install also - Click here to download the full install application.(64Mb) If you do this, then download the update below to update to the latest release after installation - Also see the notes below for retrieving the updates.
  3. This also checks if other packages are installed such as .NET runtime library and Microsoft XPS extensions, as well as the Silicon Labs drivers for the base unit.
  4. Run the install for the USB drivers. After this is installed, the connection to the hardware will be complete and you can run the BridgePad UI.

There is no requirement to plug in the base unit to the computer until all the install is completed.


Check that you have the receiver and USB cable.
Plug the cable into the back of the receiver (left picture) and into the computer (right picture):
BP_6_Connect_to_base.jpg BP_7_Connect_to_comp.jpg

Scorer Software Setup

You must be using version or later (latest version in order to have the BridgePad integration.

See scorer

Software and Firmware Updates

IMPORTANT If you update the BridgePad IU Software on your computer you MUST update the firmware on all the BridgePad table units. This is not a difficult task, but if they are not at the same level you may have problems.

Updates are posted regularly at BridgePad Download page of the manufacturers Web site.

If recommended by BridgeNZ, you can download the latest version of the "BridgPad Scoring System Software" (affectionately known as BridgPed UI) and at the same time, download the latest "BridgePad™ Tabletop Terminal Firmware Upgrade"

Currently supported versions are:

Download these from the web site and save them to a known place on your computer.
Run BridgePad_1.244_standalone.exe
NOTE Currently the installation requires that the install directory default of:
C:\Program Files\BridgePad
should be changed to:
C:\Program Files\

If you don't change this, the update will end up in C:\Program Files\BridgPad\BridgePad and will not take effect.

The process for updating the table units is documented in the Director's Instructions - but basically follows these steps:

  • Lay out your BridgePads
  • Power on each BridgePad and use the shortcut to the update menu [Spade+PWR]


  • When you have a suitable number ready, start your BridgePad UI application
  • Under communications set the channel to 16
  • Choose File —> RF Upgrade
  • Choose Browse, and find the update file that you downloaded from the web
  • Select the file and say OK
  • Check the box that says "Update all units"


  • Take an updated table unit
  • Use the shortcut to the update menu
  • Choose option 1 to send the update


  • Now on each table unit press option 2 to receive an update
  • once all units are ready, click the start button on the BridgePad UI
  • All units will be updated, and when they have finished updating will have the new version number on the welcome screen.

NEVER remove the batteries from a table unit whilst it is updating. This is not covered under warranty and the unit will need to be shipped back to the suppliers for re-programming.

Scorer Setup

To use BridgePads, you should be using version 7.3 or later. Latest version is Version 11
Under the Options menu, the Scoring Options tab has a check-box for "Use Remote scoring"
This box should be ticked (as below).

Use the "Browse" button to locate the BridgePad.exe file (under c:\Program files\BridgePad) and select this as the bridgepad.exe file to run for BridgePad.

NOTE: after setting this option, click on SAVE, then Close, then re-start Scorer.


File names (Event names) must not contain special characters, so set up your event names in Scorer without such things as apostrophes (') or quotes.

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