Using Scorer with BridgePads

This page assumes that you are familiar with Scorer. If not, then please refer to the Scorer Training Page
If you haven't set up the BridgePads yet - see Installation


File names must not contain special characters, so set up your event names in Scorer without such things as apostrophes (') or quotes.

Pairs Scoring

When you are in the sections screen in Scorer, you will now see extra buttons on the right side of the screen.
These buttons are used to pass information from Scorer to the BridgePad controlling software. They enable Scorer to feed the movement to the BridgePads, and for entry names and results to be uploaded from the BridgePads to Scorer.

Using the "Room" Field

The "ROOM" field has another use with BridgePads. If a single letter is used in the Room field, then the BridgePad section is set to that letter.
In this example, the Red section will be section A on the BridgePads. If there is more than one section set up, the players may be asked to put in a section before entering a table number. This allows you to control which sections on the BridgePads relate to the sections you wish to set up. If there is only one section, when the players enter their table number the BridgePad will come back confirming they are in Section A: Table 3 (for example).


When you add a section now by clicking the "Add Section" button, you will be asked if there is a Phantom when you add the section.
The reason for this is that the BridgePads need to know before the round starts if there will be a phantom.

  • If you say No, the section will just be added expecting players at all tables.
  • If you say "Yes", then it will ask for the table..
  • … then ask if the missing pair is NS.
This will put the Phantom into the name file for you.
** PLEASE NOTE: ** if you are playing a Howell movement, you will be asked what PAIR NUMBER the Phantom is.

Creating the Database

You no longer need to use the "Create Remote Database" button, as the sections are now automatically added.
The "Please Wait" window appears and remains until the database is created and all the required information is loaded.

Start New Session

When starting a new session, always tick the box that says "Start New Session" - this clears all previous information from the database and ensures you get a clean start. If, for any reason, you need to start the server again during the session, please ensure that there is NO tick in this box.

Starting the BridgePad Server

Finally click the button that says "Start Remote Server".

The splash screen from the BridgePad UI will show on screen while the communications are checked.
The grid with the boards and tables will flash on-screen then minimise to the lower task bar, thus
scorer_taskbar.jpg You can click on this and the grid will show on screen


Game Options Settings

Before any BridgePad connects, go to the Game Options and check that they are set as you want them. Here are the recommended settings:
Usually you should use "Display by pair #" as this allows you to see easily when the play has finished in the last round.

** Special Notes **

  1. Having "Enable EW Security Code" set will mean that any moving pair will be asked for a security code when the BridgePads first log in. They use this code whenever they sit EW to send the results to the computer. NS can not send the scores off without EW first confirming with their code. This is equivalent to signing a score sheet.
  2. Having "Allow non-sequential Board" enabled means that the players have to type in the board number. This lessens the chance that players will put in board 4 results into board 3 because they played them out of order. (This becomes a problem when they see what everyone else did on board 3 before they figure out that they put the result in the wrong board).
  3. Using "Display Round #" makes it easier for the Director to tell when the boards are all finished for a round - particularly the last round.
  4. Also please note that once any unit has connected some fields will not be changeable (e.g. you will not be able to change the EW Security code setting or the Player Membership # setting)

Once all the settings are as you want them, click OK.

Changing Channel

If necessary, go to Communications —> Channel and change the channel to that which your BridgePads are set to.
You can then tell the players they are ready to login to their table.

Uploading Names

If the players enter their computer numbers in at the start of the session, then any time during or after the session, you can click on the "Upload Names from server" button to have all your player names loaded.
It is recommended that you do this during the second round if you are a non-playing Director, or immediately at the end of play if you are a playing Director. This way you can do a cursory check that the players got it right. You can also enter Substitutes at this point.
If there are numbers entered that have no match in the NZB list, they will be brought up in another window, and if there are duplicates, these will also be identified.

End of Session Procedure

At the end of the session, once all the results are received (check that all the squares that should have results in them have) then proceed as follows:

  • Change the channel to one not used (suggest 19)
  • Choose File —> Print Results —> Print This gives you a hard-copy to put in your files.
  • Choose File —> Quit and say Yes to close down the BridgePad UI
  • From Scorer, click on "Upload Names from server" (if you haven't already done this).
  • If there are subs to enter, go into the Players option and enter the subs
  • From Scorer, click on "Upload Results from Server"
  • If there are Director adjustments to be made, go into the "Enter Scores" option and make the adjustments.
  • Click on Results - follow your normal Scorer procedure from here.

Personal Score Sheets

  • These can now be printed in the old style 6 per page, or if the "Full Results" box is ticked 2 per page with the opposing pair, contract, lead, result, score and MP for each board.
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