Scoring Swiss Teams

Running Swiss Teams

Physical Setup and running of the event

There are two primary options for running Swiss Teams:

  1. OPTION 1: Using Team number as Table Number
  2. OPTION 2: Using "Home" and "Away"

Option 1 is easiest, so we cover this first.
The easiest way to manage the event is as follows:


  • Have each team sit at the table number corresponding to their team number.
  • When the Draw is posted, the EW pairs swap tables - the players are ALWAYS NS at the table of their team number!
  • When they are told to login, they login with their team number (same as table number).
  • The BridgePads will have their team NS and the opponent team number EW - please get them to check with the opponents that they are at the correct table.

Setting Up in Scorer

Set up your Swiss Teams event in the usual way.
Go to the Swiss Teams screen and set up:

  • No of Teams
  • No of Rounds
  • Boards per Match
  • VP scale if different from Boards per Match (e.g. if you play 9-board matches some will choose an 8-board scale, and others a 10-board scale as there is no 9-board scale)
  • In this example we have 18 teams and playing 4 rounds of 12-board matches.
  • Click the "Players" button and enter the teams
  • Please note that it is not necessary to enter all the players at this point, but it is certainly helpful to enter team names.
  • Go back to Section and click the "Draw" button

Here you will notice the first real difference with the BridgePads

For option 1, ensure that the top box "Use Team No for Table" is ticked.
Within the "Remote Scoring" box, there is the option to "Use Common Database"
Use this option if you want to run more than one teams event concurrently from the one receiver.

  • Click "Automatic Draw", and click OK when it says "Draw is good"


Now "Create Remote Database"
NOTE If you have entered the wrong starting board, then use "Remove Section from Database", change the starting board, then use "Create Remote Database" again

Publishing the Draw

The best form of the Draw is the one in "Team/Pair order". This does not have a table number associated with it - so there is no confusion - each team has their own table anyway!

Click on "View Draw in Browser". This will start the Draw scrolling in your web browser, and this can be displayed on screen or with a projector for all to see.

  • Ensure the "Clear Data from Server" box is ticked. NOTE if you need to close the BridgePad UI and restart it during a stanza, untick this box before starting the remote server to avoid losing data.
  • Click "Start Remote Server"

The BridgePad UI will start, and minimise to the task bar with this icon:
Click on this icon to see the BridgePad UI.

  • Choose Game Options
  • The recommended game options are:

NOTE The Player ID will allow names to be printed on the teams match sheets. If player ID's are NOT ticked, then no player names will appear on the match sheets - only the team name & number.

  • Change the channel to that which your BridgePads are set to.
  • Tell the players to login with their table number
  • NOTE tell the EW players that the Security code and ID's should be put in at the table where the match is being played, NOT at the players base table before they leave.

The Enter Scores Screen

  • Go to the "Enter Scores" Scoring screen

Here we have new buttons also:
Poll Results: This checks each table that is logged in and counts the number of boards left to play. A list is brought up in descending order of boards to play. Whilst this is running, if boards are finished at both tables, they are processed to the match sheet, and when the match is finished at both tables, the results become immediately available. (These results are published to an XML file which can then be displayed in your browser from the XML directory)
Director Adjustments: This allows you to make changes to the contract / result on a board or assign artificial results (e.g. +3IMP's). Less important now that the BridgePad UI has the ability to change results on screen. This can NOT be used for non-balancing adjustments.
Upload Results: This uploads all the results that have been sent from the tables into Scorer. If Poll Results has been running, then only incomplete results will be picked up. (i.e. it will not, by default, reprocess all results).
Print Round Sheets: This prints result sheets for the match. Any board not played at either table will cancel that board from both sides. IMP's are allocated based on the comparisons available, and a VP result is awarded. These sheets may be printed by using the Print button - if only specific match results are to be printed, just choose the page number to print that corresponds to teh team number. I.E. if you want a match sheet for team 11, then just print page 11 (how easy can it be!)
Include Datum: If this is ticked, then the Match Sheets will have the Datums for each board, and the NS pair and EW pair IMPs against the Datum.
Reset Left to Score: If you need to re-load the data (Maybe another result came in or maybe you adjusted a score) then you must click this BEFORE you click "Upload Results" or no changes will occur.
NOTE The max Boards per page field is set to allow up to this many boards to a sheet, then cut to another page.

Publishing Results

Once the Poll Results starts, you can locate the results file for the round in the XML directory (wherever you have it defined in Scorer - default is "C:\Program Files\NZCBA Bridge Scorer\XML"). This will publish a list of completed matches which is refreshed every 20 seconds.

As the stanza nears the end, stop the Poll Results application by closing the window. This will continue for one more cycle after the shutdown, so don't upload results within a minute of closing the Poll Results or there may be locking issues with the database.

When the players have finished play and sent their last result in:

In the BridgePad UI software:

  • Change the channel on the BridgePad UI
  • Choose File—> Print Results —> Print
  • Close down the BridgePad UI with File —> Quit then YES

In Scorer:

  • Click "Upload Results" [Give this a while to load] This now takes you directly to the results screen where you can print the match summaries and Current overall ranking.
  • Print the Match Result summary, then the Overall Rankings, then RETURN to the Swiss Teams Screen
  • You will notice that Round No has increased to 2 (or 1 more than the previous round)
  • Click on "Draw"
  • Click "Automatic Draw" and OK when it says "Draw is Good"
  • Print the Draw
  • Type the first board number for the next round in the "Starting Board Number" box - in this example, with 10-board matches, the first board for Round 2 is board 11
  • Ensure the "Restart Server" button is ticked
  • Click "Create Remote Database"
  • Pin up the Draw
  • Click "Start Remote Server"
  • Go back to the Enter Scores screen for the PREVIOUS ROUND and print the Round Sheets (These can be distributed to the players)
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