Swiss Teams - Option 2

Running Swiss Teams

Physical Setup and running of the event

There are two primary options for running Swiss Teams:

  1. OPTION 1: Using Team Number as Table Number
  2. OPTION 2: Using "Home" and "Away"

Option 1 is covered in Scoring Swiss Teams.


Teams are seated randomly to start with in 2 sections called "Home" and "Away". Each team sends it's EW pair to the other section with the same table number. After Round 1 the teams are allocated tables based on their rank, with the top team Home at Table 1, and the lowest ranked team sitting Away at table N/2 where N is the number of teams.

Generally teams will move to a different table for each round, which makes the movement less comfortable for players, but some players like to see themselves at the "Top" of the field.

For this format, ensure that the "Use team no for table" is NOT ticked.
*NOTE* The BridgePads will have 2 sections, by default AA and AH (Section A Away and Section A Home). These are shown in alphabetical order on the BridgePad, so for a single field like this, section 1 would be AA and section 2 would be AH
PLEASE ensure that the players log in to the correct section AND the correct table (since in this option their table number is NOT related to their team number).
If you choose to use a common database, you can set the Section Letter. If you want you can tick the box for "Use Common Database", then set the Section Letter, then untick the box.

You can now create the database, set the "Clear data from server" box and Start Remote Server in the same manner as with Option A. The BridgePad UI then will show the 2 sections as such:

The Poll Results also works with this option, and you will highlight teams that are running behind on their result entry, either due to slow play or lethargy.

*End of Round*

At the end of the round, perform the same steps as with option A, but this time you will need to post the draw with Table numbers and team numbers as each team will generally be sitting at a different table from what they were in the previous round.

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